Collagene marino bioactive

Collagene marino bioactive


COLLAGENE MARINO 100% bioactive

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collalloc è 100% collagene marino bioattivo puro senza addittivi - qualità svizzera.

Il Collagene marino è un prezioso aiuto per le articolazioni, la bellezza della pelle dei capelli e delle unghie, migliora la permeabilità dell'intestino.

100% bioactive marine collagen

Consigli d'uso: versare il contenuto della bustina in un bicchiere, aggiungere acqua o una bevanda di proprio gradimento, mescolare ed aspettare pochi minuti che l'acqua diventi trasparente, si può sorseggiare in qualsiasi momento della giornata. Sapore neutro.

Una confezione di COLLALLOC contiene 30 bustine singole da 3300mg ciascuna, ideale per una cura giornaliera di un mese.

  • collalloc promotes natural beauty, pain-free movement and your total health


collalloc improves the skin, slows down the         aging process, and suppresses wrinkles, striae and cellulite. Your skin will be smooth, highly hydrated and nourished. You will strengthen your hair while supporting its growth, volume, flexibility and strength. You will strengthen your nails – they won’t fray or break.


collalloc will enable you to move with no pain in your joints. Cartilage, ligaments and tendons receive the right nutrition. You preventively suppress the symptoms of arthritis. You regenerate more quickly after physical exercise and gain more muscle mass. You maintain your energy.


collalloc accelerates the metabolism and supports the effects of your diet. You protect your digestive tract and reduce the permeability of the intestines. You improve the cardiovascular system and health of your heart. Your overall immunity is greatly enhanced.

n-free and a raw superfood.

magic powder

collalloc comes in powder form that dissolves in water. It has no taste, smell or colour. You can dissolve it into any cold drink and drink it at any time of day. Its contents is simple – it is 100% pure bioactive marine collagen with no admixtures or additives.

To increase its effect, we recommend taking vitamin C on daily basis, preferably in natural form.

         100% bioactive marine collagen
          with no admixtures or additives.

              benefits of collagen

Collagen plays a crucial role in the human body. It is an important building protein and is present in most tissues – in the skin, cartilage, joints, bones …

It affects hair, nail and teeth quality. Its sufficiency has a positive effect on beautiful skin and the locomotor system, acts against pain and helps encourage faster regeneration after physical exercise.

prolonger your youth

Your body produces sufficient amounts of collagen until a certain age only. Its production keeps decreasing after you turn 25, and after 40 it’s reached its complete minimum. The loss of collagen in the body is manifested by overall aging with all of its usual symptoms. Add collagen and prolong your youth. You will feel and look better.

collalloc contains three of the most important types of natural marine collagen

Type I

Found in the skin, ligaments and bones. It is the most common type which constitutes 90% of collagen in the human body.

Type II

Mostly in cartilages, tissue and around muscle cells.

Type III

Similar to type I, occurring mainly in the skin and bones.

collalloc simulates the production of your own collagen and supports the proper functioning of your body.

INGREDIENTIPurissimo Collagene marino 100% bioattivo senza addittivi
BUSTINE (nr)30 BUSTINE DA 3300mg

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